Thank you so much for wanting to be a LIFT affiliate partner!

For years, my fellow entrepreneurs, marketers, coaches, consultants and evolutionaries told me I simply had to create a program that would make it easy for us all to put in place the legal, insurance, financial and tax systems that are so critical to a profitable, make a difference business.

But, I simply could not create it until I knew that I could share and teach about these often challenging topics and empower people to take inspired action instead of acting out of fear-based reaction.

And that is exactly what LIFT does ...

LIFT Empowers You to Build a Sacred Container of Legal, Insurance, Financial and Tax Structures Around Your Great Work

At its surface, the LIFT Foundation System is an information product that clearly lays out the most important pieces an entrepreneur, marketer, coach, consultant (or any type of service/knowledge/information-based business owner) needs to know to build a solid legal, insurance, financial and tax foundation into her business. 

At its core though, it's much greater than that - it's a system that helps us bring the hard parts of our business out of the shadows and into the light and look at them from a place of empowered awareness instead of fear and take inspired action.

LIFT shows you what you can do yourself (and how to do it), what you really need to hire professionals for (and guides you to find the right professionals and ask the right questions before you make a hiring decision), and how you can save tons of money getting these systems solidly set up in your business.

Having LIFT in your business seriously does change everything.  It's the one thing many entrepreneurs overlook when building their businesses and it is the one thing that can make the most difference to your income, your experience and the success of your business.

Benefits of Being a LIFT Enlightened Partner

As a LIFT Enlightened Partner, you are able to offer LIFT to your community and earn great commissions, very easily.

You make a minimum of $500 on each sale of LIFT and all you have to do is send out a couple of emails, tweets, facebook posts or make some phone calls to your community. 

We even write all the copy for you so you can just tweak them to add your own thoughts, experience, feelings or voice.

And you can increase your commissions even more if you have a responsive list and either host Alexis on a webinar, call or at a live event.  Contact us for more information about booking Alexis by sending an email to:

Here's the best part ...

YOUR COMMUNITY WILL LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU for sharing LIFT with them.  There is no other program out there like this; your community NEEDS IT and WANTS it; and this is where they get it.

Together we are going to help our community break free of the fear that holds them back from taking their businesses seriously and making the impact in the world we both know is possible. 

We are going to expose the last of the business taboos, bring light into the dark corners of business and teach thousands of people on how to LIFT their business to a new level of stability, security and legacy.  Thank you.

Join me in creating thousands of what I call "real-deal, eyes-wide-open" evolutionary entrepreneurs who will change the world once they've got their foundations in order ... simply  fill out the form below and we'll get you everything you need to get started today.

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